Update from Pine Hills – January 2024

HAPPY NEW YEAR! and welcome to our January newsletter in 2024.

We hope that you had a nice holiday season and a good start of the new year.

Follow up from EGM on October 31. 2023:


The majority of owners decided to change our administration company from Bolsa to LDC, Loja dos Condomínios. We are pushing Bolsa to have an AGM asap and we are hoping for January 25. LDC will take over all our accounts, books, and new contracts with staff and suppliers will need to be negotiated, LDC will also send out the condo fee invoices for the first 6 months of 2024.

It is also at the AGM the members of the steering committee are elected, please put your name forward if you are interested in helping with the work for the greater good of our condominium.

Pool repairs:

Owners agreed to make a one-off payment for repairs of the pool this year. In lieu of our upcoming change of administration company, some owners have been hesitant to make this payment to Bolsa, however, in order to proceed with the vendor, avoid an increase in price and have the pool ready for summer 2024, we need this extra budget now. If you haven’t already paid please do so asap.

At the EGM owners also had to decide if a turquoise pigment should be added to the pool. This has later created some discussions and misunderstandings. Some owners think that the pool used to be turquoise, hence their vote in favor, but the pool never had a turquoise pigment, it was done in a sand color, to resemble a sandy beach. The sun and the skies added the magic of the different shades of blue. Adding to the confusion, the fact that the votes for the color of the pool were not accurately recorded by Bolsa in the EGM Minutes. All owners want the pool to look great again, and we are working on a pragmatic solution to restore the pool to its’ former glory.

Mespil’s (developer and former owner of Pine Hills) outstanding electricity bill for Lily’s:

Owners agreed to offset the electricity owed by Mespil for all remaining tangible and non-tangible assets of Pine Hills owned by Mespil. This agreement has now been signed by all parts, and Mespil has no further claims on assets at Pine Hills.

Information & Communication / Owners:

We have a rolling Excel sheet with a “Work in Progress” list. on the “Owners’ Info” a page on dedicated to Pine Hills owners. Here you can also find previous newsletters and other useful information. We also have a WhatsApp group in which owners share ideas and practical information to sign up, please contact the reception.

Maintenance and repairs:

  • The wooden benches and tables in front of the shop, as well as the benches in front of reception, were sanded and varnished.
  • The changing rooms were properly cleaned after the high season and the reception and bunker were cleaned, tidied up and organised.
  • The lighting at the entrance to the condominium has been improved with the installation of 6 new spotlights.
  • We have been conducting experiments on our main water distribution system. Previsão Ótima, our former rental and management company didn’t leave any information about our water system, We have now been able to confirm which valves are for the common areas and flats and how to shut off the water in case of an emergency. We believe that the water leak in Block 11 is a small, non-serious leak. Now the water meters have been changed.
  • The installation of the automatic meters in apartments and common areas will be done next week.
  • We are in the process of reducing our energy costs, and to this end we are installing remote switches with timers in the communal areas.
  • The eugenias (hedge plants) behind houses 1-7 have been removed by our gardening team, the irrigation was part of the problems in this area.
  • The calçadas (walkway) between houses 1-7 is being put back.

Follow up on meeting with the Câmara Loulé, November 20.2023:

The sidewalk calçada in front of the newly built house next to Pine Hills has been finished. On January 2 we received news that some of the traffic calming measures discussed at the meeting have been approved by the council. Some of the information is not clear so we have contacted the Council for more details and a timeframe.

Drains on terraces:

The works on terraces started on the 8th of January. Blocks 1 and 2 are the first ones to be done. The next blocks will follow.


Unfortunately we had to let a member of the staff go. We are going to employ a new cleaner to join our team very soon. She will be doing a contract directly with the condominium.

Adriana will continue to send out newsletter to keep owners informed, and she is also working on a “Welcome Package” for new owners.

Don’t hesitate to contact Adriana with suggestions and ideas for improving our condominium.